Red Balloon

Red Balloon was a first experiment in video dance improvisation with dancer and choreographer Shouze Ma. We were influenced by watching European videodance, an emerging trend in the late ’90’s of choreographing camera movement into the dance itself. I had explored this in terms of choreographic movement in my undergraduate senior project, and we thought… Read More Red Balloon

Music that is Devilishly Good Email newsletters for bands at Satan’s Bestie is my recent musical recording project, creating devilishly good music. With each cover or original song I try to push things beyond my previous capacity, whether it is crossing musical genres with a remake, rewriting lyrics to develop a narrative in a new direction, or breaking… Read More Music that is Devilishly Good


Blue was a part of the Advanced Choreographic Design course hosted by the University of Iowa dance department. This course was interdisciplinary and brought together graduate students from the dance, music and art departments to create completed works in teams through collaboration. This piece was created by Shouze Ma and myself to a unique score.… Read More Blue