Ah There, Structure

This piece is about creating structure out of chaos and the nature of influence, tradition and human intervention in our environment. The “narrative” I put into the piece includes an urban environment and the sounds of construction along with a deconstructive visual process juxtaposing contemporary architecture with body art. From there I juxtapose images of myself as a child in the 1970’s with contemporaneous images of Hans Breder, Vito Acconci and an image of Anna Mendieta as distorted through glass. I was interested in the idea that some key actors in performance art were producing brand new material at the time I was having some pivotal childhood experiences that would later resolve in studying in the same program where this early work was being produced.

The animated sequences are intended to be reminiscent of constructivist paintings, but being in motion, they are struggling to become resolved in some form of order.

The images of my boots with English riding spurs on them are demonstrative of my push to dive myself to action. There is no horse to spur on. My actions are reminiscent of images from The Red Tapes, an extensive series of images produced by Vito Acconci while resident artist at The University of Iowa in the late 1970’s.

Though not as successful as I would have liked it to be, this was a great piece for me to produce in the year after graduating from my MFA.

View Vito Acconci’s Theme Song below. What a creep.

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