Blue was a part of the Advanced Choreographic Design course hosted by the University of Iowa dance department. This course was interdisciplinary and brought together graduate students from the dance, music and art departments to create completed works in teams through collaboration. This piece was created by Shouze Ma and myself to a unique score.

The piece is about characters trying to engage with and break through tradition. Shouze produced the majority of the choreography. I assisted in coaching the improvisational portions of the dance. The performance is an initiation ritual that none of the participants particularly enjoy participating in, but at the outset, none can see a way to break free. By the end of the dance they have resolved the conflict and have found a path to self-expression.

I produced the images projected on the back screen by painting them with black ink on white paper and photographing them with negative slide film. Traditional projectors were modified so that the bulb was connected to the lighting box and the fan ran continuously on another circuit. The slide controller was run along side the electrics and controlled by a stagehand from the wings. In this manner we had complete control of the projectors without the risk of overheating and melting or burning the slides.

Visit Alan’s portfolio site.

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