Reasons for Wearing a White T-Shirt

I produced this video in college just after finishing my bachelors degree in dance. I was interested in reducing movement down to the simplest form – moving from one position to the next, sorting coins in a submissive position on the floor for an impatient pizza delivery man.

In ballet class male dancers wore white T-shirts and black tights, a simple contrast defining the torso and limbs as independent from one another. I took on the white t-shirt as a cause celeb, choosing not to wear anything identifying myself with a group, a brand, a club, but at the same time, I realized I was in a way alienating myself from the culture I was engaged in. I also practiced Soto Zen meditation, another ascetic practice that also reduced aesthetics to a simple, clean form in order to attain a clear mental state.

This video explored the contrasts between chosen asceticism and sensuality. The pool table has all of the balls lined up with the pockets, but the actor is still frozen, unwilling to make a decision in any direction. The character is two feet off the ground with his feet churning in the air, though he at times feels centered and grounded.

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