Shouze and Alan Live

This video is documentation from a live performance event. Choreographer Shouze Ma and I had been working on the idea that a live improvised dance could be enhanced through interaction with a camera that was simultaneously presented within the performance space. My camera was connected to a projector and I was able to capture and highlight simple gestures that can easily be lost to audience members on a proscenium stage. I was able to also increase the sense of movement by countering Shouze’s movements, sometimes circling him in the opposite direction of his turn, for example.

Audience members observed his dance, my engagement and movement around him, as well as the projection of what my camera was capturing at the time. Shouze danced for the first government approved modern dance company in China where new forms were not only frowned upon, but for many years banned as degenerative forms of expression. These improvisations were expanding the range of the work for both of us, and it was an honor to be exploring these new forms together.

Visit Alan’s portfolio page.

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