Summer Studio 2010

In 2010 I led the Summer Studio, a weeklong workshop for area high school students to experience four full days as designers. I wanted to have a surprise for families when they came to see final presentations that would showcase, not only the final result of the student’s design, but also the process in getting to the outcome. I shot video for two days and edited for a third, then worked pickup shots from the afternoon of the third day into the video.

My MFA emphasized doing the most with the least technology, so I shot the whole thing with a flip camera and edited in Final Cut. The audio voiceover was recorded with a Zoom audio recorder and the music was compiled from audio loops the school owned and selected to fit the mood of each section of the video and the overall theme, rock band.

In addition to this video we shot the student’s final presentation to their parents and produced and mailed out a DVD that had chapters including this intro and a chapter for each department: interior design, graphic design, film and photography, as well as animation.

This is a good example of how I plan when producing video to document a process by which participants can remember their experience.

Visit Alan’s portfolio page.

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